About Us

About Us


Sai Ayurveda (Ayurvedic Health Care Centre) was established by Er. Sushil Kumar Sahib & Dr Alok Kumar Sahib in the year 2014. Sai Ayurveda is registered Ayurveda treatment Centre in govt of Madhya Pradesh.

That offers Ayurvedic treatment following best holistic approach to health care. Being a member of the Ayurvedic Group, we follow ancient Vedic health science methodology and modern Ayurvedic movement for natural healing of different ailments. Our natural treatment mainly deals with the symptoms of the problem and even addresses the same to a deeper level of physiological imbalances thereby rebuilding as well as maintaining the health to a great extent.

Sai Ayurveda makes proper use of the biological intelligence of herbs and also treats diseases faced by individuals along with providing proper treatment using natural resources. The Clinic also uses the principles of nature in order to bring up the individual backs into steadiness with true self.

Our Founders

Dr Alok Kumar (Director)
Mr Sushil Kumar (Chairman)

Health, Happiness & Peace..

These Three Fundamental Desires Of Every Human Being That Seem So Easy To Get, Yet Are Unattainable For The Modern Man Today. Sai Ayurveda Was Founded 7 Years Ago On The Belief That Ayurveda Can Truly Bring Health, Happiness And Peace To Every Person.